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It is a legally registered organization by Kotido District Local Government and it is licensed to operate as a CBO in its particular areas of interest and intervention meeting all the legal requirements NARWOA‘s head office is located at Kotido District headquarters –Kotido District-Karamoja (U)

NARWOA’s Vision The vision for the next five-year period of the strategic plan is an inclusive society that promotes the rights of women and other vulnerable people in Uganda

NARWOA Mission The mission of NARWOA is “To promote the rights of women and other vulnerable groups through livelihoods and advocacy initiatives for dignified lives” .

Management, Leadership and Governance Capacity

This theme will focus on the capacity of NARWOA including the technical staff, the Board and its committees to deliver on their mandate. The theme will address the capacity of human resources, institutional development, resource mobilisation, and infrastructural capacity of NARWOA. Management, leadership and governance capacity development will further bring out the key components of the functionality of management, leadership and governance structures. Relevant strategic actions have been identified to guide NARWOA in promoting this important function in civil society organizations. The strategic objective for this theme will be; to strengthen the management, leadership and governance capacity of NARWOA

The strategic objective will be pursued through the following strategic actions:

i. Develop a Resource Mobilization Plan

ii. Update administrative policies and procedures

iii. Strengthen the capacity of Board & Staff

iv. Establish a results-based performance management system

v. Build capacity and institute systems and mechanisms to capture best practices.


This theme area will focus on improving livelihoods of the target women groups through empowerment in terms of skills, and economic empowerment. The theme will enable NARWOA beneficiaries to utilize available opportunities, increase their participation in agribusiness hence improve their financial capabilities. Under this theme, NARWOA will establish the existing socio and economic conditions of the Women groups in their communities, design and lobby for appropriate and viable income generating activities.

The strategic objective for this theme will be to; improve household incomes and food security of rural women through increased agricultural production

The strategic objective will be pursued through the following strategic actions:

i. Conduct a baseline survey on economic and social status of women groups

ii. Design and popularize Income generating approaches/models;

iii. Mobilize women into functional groups of IGAs;

iv. Support development and coordination of an inventory of women’s Small and medium term enterprises (SMEs) for use in lobbying for resources

v. Establish a transport voucher system

vi. Organize community accountability platforms on livelihood initiatives

Research & Advocacy

Research is any systematic effort to increase the stock of knowledge’ (OECD, 1981). This may include any systematic process of critical investigation and evaluation, theory building, data collection, analysis and codification related to development policy and practice. The use of evidence is vital to advocate for women in the development agenda. This theme will aim at providing ideas and entry points to a wide range of tools, methods, number of knowledge themes, identify the cultural and behavioural changes needed for implementation and the incentives and training that can help NARWOA to better share and apply the knowledge that exists within Karamoja region. The strategic objective for this theme will be to; Strengthen research and advocacy for development informed by community needs

The strategic objective will be pursued through the following strategic actions:

i. Develop NARWOA research policy

ii. Conduct operational research, publish and disseminate findings to inform policy and programming in gender equality and women’s empowerment.

iii. Collaborate with research institutions to collect and disseminate contemporary information regarding gender equality and women’s empowerment.

iv. Strengthen knowledge management and sharing among members and allies

v. Develop an advocacy strategy .

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Beneficiary Testimonies.

We have journeyed together , We changed lives and below they say it all in their own word.

Lochoro aged 25 from Nakapelimoru sub county in Kotido district, Uganda is semi-nomadic pastoralist with a background characterized by ongoing shock and stresses contributing to food insecurity and malnutrition among the vulnerable population in Karamoja made it difficult for him to attain formal education. In the month of Oct 2021 Lochoro was enrolled into GIRL-H safe space where he was trained on life skills, basic numeracy and financial education. After 3 months, he graduated and upon graduation he was transitioned to do mechanics whereby he was trained for 6 months on the mechanics skills. He completed his 6 months apprenticeship training on mechanics and has got retained by the enterprise owner to offer the training to the rest of the participants and he is able to earn UGX 5000 per day. Lochoro is also often hired to go and repair motor/bicycles in the nearby villages hence earning more income daily, he is now able to provide for his family needs despite the semi-nomadic pastoralism background characterized with bad practices like cattle raids that has affected the household food security in Karamoja. Furthermore, he is able to read and write and with the little Lochoro gets from the mechanics work he enrolled in to saving group and he is now saving UGX 10,000 per week in his safe space. Lochoro plans to set up his own garage in the future to support his family financial and also train some of his peers who are outside there “I no longer engage or think of raids for survival and have created social capital with the customer with whom I repair motorcycle and have also gained respect from my peers, community and family’’.

lochoro final
Lochoro Lowunyakori Adolescent

Nakut Maria in dressed in a red shirt is a twenty-one-year-old mother of two from Uganda Rengen Sub County in Kotido district. Nakut Maria’s marginalized background limited her access to education leading to an early marriage at the age of 13 years. In the month of March 2022, Maria was enrolled in to the GILR-H safe space where she was trained on life skills, financial literacy / education, basic numeracy. She was co-opted into savings group within her safe space where she saved UGX 2000 weekly.  after three months, she was able to obtain a loan worth 100,000 UGX from her saving group to start a rerail business upon graduating from the safe space, Maria and her group got in-kind grants worth 750,000 UGX  and  was able to obtain a second loan to boost her retail business. Maria now caters for the needs of her family despite the draught in Karamoja that has impacted the average household’s food security. Furthermore, Maria is now able to read and write, recite the alphabets and has successfully enrolled her children to school. According to Maria, her financial independence has enhanced her self-esteem; ‘’I no longer depend on my husband and have gained respect from my family and community” says Maria.

Nakut final
Nakut Maria Adolescent